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Rick Keller playing his recently overhauled Selmer Mark VI

Here's a vid of Rick Keller playing on his recently overhauled Tenor (gotta give a shout out to Kessler & Sons Music for doing a great job). I've known of Rick's playing even before I met him but hearing him up close is mind-blowing! Working on getting him out here in December to do a special concert (I'll keep y'all posted). I didn't have my video camera on me so this iPhone vid is the best I can do (he still sounds wonderful).and for you gear heads:Sax: Selmer Mark VI (167***)Mouthpiece: Selmer Short Shank 'G' opened up by Fred RastReed: Vandoren V16 size 3Ligature: Rovner "Eddie Daniels" model

Posted by Charles McNeal on Monday, November 5, 2012